Aberystwyth Bed and Breakfast

Situated where the rivers Ystwyth and Rheidol meet, Aberystwyth is a fairly isolated market town in the area of Ceredigion in Wales. There are an abundance of Aberystwyth Bed and Breakfast accommodations in the town.

This peaceful town is a popular holiday resort, known for its pleasing surroundings and beautiful coastline. The coastline is divided by the old castle on the sea allowing for two stretches of beach on either side.

The local castle is from where the town takes its name and while it is now a ruin, it has a rich history dating back to the late 13th century when building began. Originally built by King Edward I as a fortress against the Welsh, it was constructed a mile from the area's first castle which endured various occupations over the preceding centuries.

For over two centuries the building was neglected and fell into a state of neglect, though saw a brief revival as a Royal Mint in the 17th century. The mint's proprietor incurred the displeasure of Oliver Cromwell during the English Civil War and he destroyed the building in 1649. The ruins are a pleasing addition to Aberystwyth which retains a sense of history in some of Wales' most beautiful countryside.

From business trips to family vacations, to romantic weekends in some picturesque countryside, a Aberystwyth Bed and Breakfast will be able to offer a warm welcome and ensure your stay is a memorable one. Many establishments are on the water and have excellent views.

The privacy of a Guest House might be what you're looking for and many of the highly rated accommodations in the area offer secluded lodgings. Most of the Aberystwyth Bed and Breakfast providers offer single rooms from around £30, while a family room with full facilities starts at around £80. While most like the welcoming aromas of a full English breakfast, many establishments offer a Continental option as well as being able to cater for those with specific dietary requirements.