Your dogs can stay for free at Ael Y Bryn. 

Your four legged friends are just as welcome as you at Ael Y Bryn. We describe ourselves as Super Dog Friendly and we have very few rules when it comes to dogs. Our customers tell us they are always worried about taking their dog on holiday. We take that worry away. Ael Y Briyn is a home from home for your dog, with 13 acres of well fenced fields where they can run off lead, night time toileting area and dog bowls and beds available. We have spared no expense in fencing the land to ensure your dogs are as safe as we can make it.

All we ask is that they are fully insured and vaccinated, having completed the course at least 7 days before coming to stay. We will do everything we can tom make sure your dogs are safe and comfortable. But of course your dog remains your responsibility and you bring them at your own risk. We do have other animals so ask that your ensure they are not bothered by your dog. Furguy our Beagle is the perfect host and will be delighted to welcome you all.

There are many places in the area where your dogs are welcome. Beautiful walks, from beaches to wooded valleys and mountain passes. There are many pubs, restaurants, cafes and attractions where your dogs are very welcome.